At OSMANI, latest technology, in shape of equipment as well as in research, is of utmost importance. Currently, the company is equipped with the latest availableComputer Hardware and Software.
The Computer Department, established in 1979, has more than 280+ Nos. of most advanced computers consisting of Quad Core, Core 2 Duo, Pentium-IV Systems Top-of-the-Line HP, IBM Dell and NEC based computer systems which are used for Engineering Designing, Software Development, CAD operations as well as for other regular operations like Desktop Printing and Presentation. These systems are supported by peripherals like full size Plotters, Large Size Scanners, HP Colour Laser Printers, & B&W Laser Printers, etc.
For the most efficient and economical designs, these computers are supported by latest software like EDS Advantage Series which includes

  • Road Calc V12
  • AutoCAD 2007 to 2010
  • ETABs
  • SAP
  • Water CAD and other Structural Design Programs, etc

Many software are continuously developed in-house for efficient and quick solutions.
The Survey Department is also equipped with the most modern survey equipments such as; state-of-the-art
  • Global Positioning Systems capable for processing
  • GALILEO and SBAS data with long range communication support
  • Total Stations
  • Electronic Field Books (Data Loggers) etc,

Which are adequately supported by Surveying, GPS data processing software and Surface Modelling Computer Programs.

The common use of GIS Software are being used in GIS division of OSMANI, which are as follows:-

Geographical Information Systems (GIS):

  • ArcGIS 9.0, ArcGIS 9.3 (ESRI)

  • ArcIMS
  • ArcView (ESRI)
  • ArcSDE
  • MapInfo Professional (MapInfo)
  • Geomatica GIS
  • IDRISI 3.2
  • Manifold

Remote Sensing:

  • PCI Geomatica (Satellite Image Processing and Photogrammetry)
  • Erdas Imagine
  • ERMapper

Configuration & model of Servers, Workstations, Notbooks and other Systems are as follows

  • Quad Core
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Pentium System
  • HP System
  • IBM System
  • Dell System
  • NEC System