OSMANI mission statement is to deliver Efficient, Economic & Technology based services in Engineering, Planning, Mapping & Geographical Information System (GIS).
We have an independent Mapping & GIS division which offers services in Surveying, Mapping, Scanning, Storage, Vectorization, GeoReferencing, Geo-Databases, Application Development & Imagery.

Our Mapping & GIS division works on latest International Standards including FGDC & PODS, and has Specializations in certain vertical markets including Oil & Gas, Planning & Development, Agriculture and Utilities, etc. Some of our selected projects are given hereunder:-

Our Projects

Project: Geographical Information System (GIS)
Client: Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd, Karachi Pakistan.


The project was to develop most modern Automated Mapping / Facilities Management & Geographical Information System for SSGC. The Scope of Work included complete digitization of existing maps of SSGC for Transmission and Distribution Networks which consisted of 2,780 Km of Transmission Pipelines and 22,000 Km of Distribution Pipelines in more than 40 cities in Sindh and Balochistan Provinces including cities of Karachi (pop. 16 M), Hyderabad and Quetta. The Drawings to be digitized were approx. 2,100 of different sizes and scales. All the digitization was coordinated by physical georeferencing using GPS. An integrated system was then created and AM/FM/GIS were developed for the intra-company usage. The scope also included development of International Standard policies and procedures for Scanning, Digitizing, Database operation and GIS works.

Project: Geographical Information System (GIS) for Hyderabad City
Client: District Government Hyderabad - Pakistan

The scope of work for consultant services is divided into nine systematic tasks for the development of Integrated Geographical Information System for major asses in Hyderabad City, which are:

1. Detailed Base Mapping (including QB Satellite Imagery)
2. Water Distribution GIS
3. Sewerage and Drainage GIS
4. Landmark GIS
5. UC Level Census GIS
6. Education GIS
7. Health
8. Transportation GIS
9. Plot Level Property GIS

Project: Hyderabad Master Plan (2027)
Client: District Government Hyderabad

After the devolution plan of 2001 the administrative changes has produced a new District of Hyderabad. Being the second largest city district of Sindh, District Government of Hyderabad would like to shape up the development of the District under the VISION 2027. OCL has given a task to develop a Master Plan for the entire District. To evaluate the existing resources and to develop future scenarios OCL is working on the following GIS based work plan:

  • Satellite Image (Quickbird) acquisition and processing for the whole district
  • Geodatabase development
  • Detailed Land use and Socio-economic Surveys
  • Sector-wise information collection (Water Supply, Sewerage, Environment, Transportation, Housing etc.)
  • Master Planning

Project: K-IV Bulk Water Supply to Karachi
Client: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board

To achieve the objectives of determining technical & economically feasible alternate route, an unprecedented exercise was undertaken to create a 3D base map & GIS of approximately 10,000 Sq. Km (from Kotri to Hub including entire Karachi district). Advanced GIS platforms was used to create this base map and animation including:

  • Satellite Imagery / Remote Sensing
  • Land ownership record of the whole area
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) / Geodatabase
  • GPS & Total Station based Surveying
  • 3D Animations

In this project multiple satellite images (Landsat, Spot and QuickBird) were utilized; millions of topographic objects were digitized; their attributes were managed in a modeled Geo-database; and hundreds of quality cartographic products (maps) were produced through that Geo-database.

Project: DHA Phase - 8, Karachi Development Project
Client: Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority

Survey, Planning, Design, Construction Supervision & Project Management of Infrastructure including Roads, Water Supply, Sewerage, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Drainage of DHA Phase 8 (spread over 4100 acres). This project is one of the state-of-the-art planning and development projects of Osmani. The work plan of project is based on detailed topographic survey, integration on Quickbird satellite image, land use planning, utility planning and development etc. The whole planning work is undertaken on GIS platform.

Project: Rawalpindi Environmental Improvement
Client: City District Government, Rawalpindi & ADB

Detailed Surveys, Design & Supervision of Water Supply, Sewerage & Drainage Sector of Rawalpindi City. We have prepared a comprehensive, realistic and implementable Master Plan for Rawalpindi for the first quarter century of the new millennium, i.e., 2001 to 2025, covering the entire Rawalpindi City District, in a period of one year, taking due and maximum advantage of the Master Plan 1996-2016. OCL has produced a detailed base map under a GIS system of the city by using high resolution QuickBird Image on 61 cm resolution and Topographic Surveys. These satellite imageries were also used for cadastral mapping and to map existing land use / land cover of Rawalpindi.

Project: Hyderabad District Action Plan under HDP
Client: District Government Hyderabad Pakistan

Survey, Planning, Detailed Design & Construction Supervision of major infrastructure projects of Hyderabad including Water Treatment Plants, Water Supply, Sewerage & Drainage Systems of whole city, Major Roads, Flyovers and Bridges Construction etc. The project was awarded to Osmani for the development of Hyderabad District. In this project a few information was available for planning and development and there was huge gap between available information and planning requirement. It was decided to acquire detailed Quickbird satellite image for Geodatabase development. Ultimately satellite image of Quickbird was acquired, processed and digitized in form of appropriate GIS layers and modeled in form of Geodatabase.
We have recently completed the web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) for District Government Hyderabad Pakistan which have been selected as best GIS application developed on Silverlight environment and is showcased by Mircrosoft Sliverlight as snapshot shown below, which can be seen at the following link

Project: M-3 Faisalabad Industrial City, Pakistan
Client: Faisalabad Industrial Estate Dev. & Management Co. (FIEDMC)

Planning, Infrastructure Design (Roads, Water Supply, Sewerage, Drainage, Utilities) and Construction Supervision of FIEDMC (3400 acres)

The scope of this project enquiry is to carrying out Geotechnical Investigation for Internal Roads at Faisalabad Industrial City, Faisalabad. For this purpose high-resolution satellite imageries has procured. With the help of imageries and Total Station survey, existing road network along with buit-up land developed into a GIS. The motoways intersections under the project area has been highligtted and animated with the help of 3D GIS tools.