Our global network of talented professionals supports public and private infrastructure clients nation wide. Travel by land, sea or air, and will likely encounter infrastructure systems and facilities that OSMANI professionals have planned, designed, engineered, managed or program managed.

As populations grow, so do demands for safe, expedient, cost-effective methods of infrastructure. OSMANI delivers comprehensive services from concept to completion and beyond.

At OSMANI, we understand the importance of safe, efficient and sustainable ways to move people across cities, countries and continents. We build on our extensive knowledge to plan, design and manage transportation systems as well as restore and replace aging infrastructure. Our understanding of today’s transportation industry will move our communities into the future — safely and reliably.

Our Projects

M-3 Industrial City Faisalabad Pakistan
(Spread over on 4,100 acres)

De sign and Supervision of infrastructure works including bridges and Interchanges and also includes long-life roads design of;

• Dual Carriageways = 15 Kms
• Secondary Carriageways = 20 Kms

Total Length = 35 Kms

New Malir Housing Project, Karachi Pakistan
(Spread over 4400 acres)
Design and Supervision of infrastructure works including 14 bridges and one Interchange on National Highway of New Malir Housing Project and also includes long-life roads design of;

- 150’ Dual Carriageways = 11.0 Kms
- 100’ Dual Carriageways = 5.4 Kms
- 60’ Secondary Roads = 18.3 Kms
- 30’ to 40’ Roads = 552.0 Kms

Total Length = 586.7 Kms

SITE Industrial Area (Phase-II) Roads Network
(Spreadover on 1000 acres)
Planning and designing of Roads / Infrastructure Design plus Construction Supervision of SITE Superhighway Phase-II including long-life roads / bridges, etc

- 176’ Dual Carriageways = 5.9 Kms
- 132’ Dual Carriageways = 2.5 Kms
- 66’ Secondary Roads = 29.2 Kms

Total Length = 37.6 Kms

Defence Housing Authority Phase-8, Karachi
(Spread over 4,100 acres)
Design & Supervision of Infrastructure works including 3 Interchanges / flyovers, 6 underpasses & 2 grade-separated ramps, etc

• Principal Arterial Roads = 36 Kms
• Minor Arterial Roads = 25 Kms
• Collector Roads = 28 Kms
• Local Roads = 175 Kms
• Servie Roads = 4 Kms

Total Length = 268 Kms

Hyderabad District Action Plan (HDAP) under HDP

Design & Supervision of Grade Separated Interchange / Flyover at Railway Crossing, Unit # 7 Latifabad Hyderabad Pakistan and various, under Hyderabad Development Package (HDP).

• Single Carriageways = 16 Kms
• Dual Carriageways = 4 Kms
Total Length = 20 Kms

Gulistan-e-Sarmast Town at Hyderabad Pakistan (Urban Road Networks)
(Spread over on 2,000 acres)

Design and Supervision of infrastructure works including roads / bridges and Interchanges and also includes long-life internal roads design etc

- Dual Carriageways = 45 Kms
- Secondary Roads = 140Kms

Total Length = 185 Kms

LDA Hawksbay Scheme - 42, Karachi Pakistan
(Spread over 12,000+ Acres).

Design & Supervision of Infrastructure works including Bridges / Flyovers, Interchanges grade-separated ramps, etc

• Dual Carriageways (Major Roads) = 123.5 Kms
• Secondary Roads (Internal Roads) = 103 Kms
Total Length = 226.5 Kms

Private Mini Port Complex, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Project consists of a fully operational Mini Port facility for private operations including inter alia Marine Structures, Ship Dock, Slipways, Floating Jetties, Large Boat Sheds, Workshops, Warehouses, Go-downs, fuel tanks, Operational Office Buildings and Staff Residential Accommodation, etc. The project is spread over an area of 40 acres (16 Hectares) and all the infrastructure facilities like internal road network, water supply, sewerage, drainage, electricity, telephone, firefighting, vessel fueling, maintenance, etc. are provided.